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Latest Updates and Summary

Data Total per Day per Hour
Miles 3,140 81 17.1
% of Planned Trans 85% What the EFM folks rode.
% of Average Trans 101% I'm counting it!
Climb (ft) 76,406 1,959 415
Hours 184.10 4.7
Calories 107,088 2,745.8 581.68
MPH 17.1
Days Ridden 39
Hours Ridden 184
Pedal Strokes 820,895 21,049 4,459
Avg Effort (TSS) 382.13
Avg Power (NP) (Watts) 188.53
Gel Equivalents eaten 344.25
Bottles drunk 214.5
Number of Hotels I would consider staying in again. 13 28%
Number of Flee Bags we endured. 19 41%
Number of Meals I would consider eating again. 7 15%
Number of Meals that should have poisoned me. 19 41%
Number of Routes I would consider riding again. 19 41%
Number of Routes that should have killed me. 12 26%
Number of Flats 0
Number of Mechanical Breakdowns 0
Number of times on Disabled List. 1
Tires 5 (2 front, 3 rear)
Chains 2
Cassettes 2
Batteries 1 set
Bike shorts worn out 2
Bike socks ruined 2
Bottles of Sunscreen 3.5
Jars of Chamois Butter used 2.5


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Head Winds. Indicated air speed is a cyclist's nemesis. (Compliments of Uncle Dad)

Indicated air speed is the speed of the air going past the bike.  It controls all things hard that arn't going up hill.  Drag goes up as the square of indicated air speed.  The power required to increase (really just maintain) bike speed goes up as the cube of indicated air speed. 

So, if I am riding along at 20 mph and a 10 mph head wind comes up.  We already know it sucks, don't need any science for that.  But, now we know my indicated air speed went from 20 to 30 mph.  Drag went up on the order of 10^2 (100) and the power I have to put to the pedals to maintain 20 mph will go up on the order of 10^3 (1,000).  So, no way in hell am I going to sustain 20, it sucks, and now we know why!


Like with a car engine, more is better.  Power has become the gold standard for measuring performance.  

1 watt = 0.00134102209 horsepower.  

My "threshold power" (in Denver, it varies with elevation - better at sea level) is around 210 watts or 0.281614639 hp.  So, I'm 0.3 of a horse.  210 watts sounds better.

Click this link to convert power data to horsepower.

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Welcome to Steve's Transcontinental Bike Ride

We started riding on 19-Jun-2011 in Asotria, OR.  "The Handlers" (They) call that Day 0.  The first official day is 20-Jun-2011.  They call that Day 1.  Assuming all goes to plan, we finish on 8-Aug-2011 in Portsmouth, NH. 

This is Junior, our retirement pig.  He's the official mascot for my ride and welcomes you to the site.  

Yes, there is a fair bit of insanity required to sign-up for and put down the (not unsubstantial) bucks to ride a bike across the US.  People do it for lots of reasons.  Mine is not very noble, I just want to see if I can.  Junior has his doubts.  In so doing we seem to be stimulating the heck out of the economy.  I've spent more just on bike maintenance this year than most people spend on a bike in the first place!  

I saw a great tee shirt at the start of my first marathon.  It said "It does not take courage to finish a marathon.  It takes courage to START one."   Courage or crazy, you decide! 

This is my first effort at building and maintaining a web site, so welcome to that adventure too!  Please click on the topics along the top for the latest in everything there is to know about how it's going... 

Note that all times will be in the local time zone.  Adjustments are left to the reader.

Feel free to share this site ( with anyone that might have an interest.  Just don't share it with bad people.